31 Days

I had a long standing thought of only doing monthly round up posts, but that was in the midst of the craziness that has been July. I don’t plan to do that because I have a lot more time on my hands again. But this one is written in that round up post style.

July was weird.IMG_2657

Awesome to disaster to normal.

Saturday July first was a massive sale day at work! We broke goal and then some. And then my night ended by EJ cooking me dinner and us having the house all to ourselves! I was slightly bummed in a small way about that because I had bought his roommates dog a new toy and was so excited to give it to Dozer.

I got permission at work to be more of an individual with my style and general disposition which will make a world of difference in how happy I am there. I am planning to change up my hair to something bright and happy. A cotton candy mermaid if you will. Slow process as it turns out.

There has been so many new strains of marijuana tried over the last five weeks that I IMG_2388don’t know if I can even remember which ones! Uptown Piff. Snow Leopard. Elephinstine. Frosted Cherry Cookies. MK Ultra. Green Crack. Afghani. EJ had bought some Blueberry Oil that is artificially flavored with more blueberry; it’s very interesting but almost too chemically for me. However, that layered on to other strains makes everything so much more heightened. Temporal Distortions occurred. Cannabis infused lube from Fairwinds is an entirely new experience and heightens everything. I highly recommend it! I grabbed some Bonds personal sensual oil as well to check it out and I am super impressed with it.

The evening before the 4th EJ and I were invited over to his parent’s house for dinner and camping on their property which started out relatively awesome. After some IMG_2412equipment misunderstandings were sorted it was all chill and easy going. Gin and tonics all around and passing of pipes. Dinner was good but conversation was lacking for me mainly because I struggled to keep up. Slightly frustrating but what can you do! That evening we set up the little tent and called it a night. It wasn’t the best night’s rest but that was to be expected. The 4th kind of went downhill quickly. We had made plans to go up to a lookout point to watch all the fireworks in town but EJ forgot and made plans over that for kayaking at sunset with his family. This didn’t feel too good but we talked about it and it was actually left up in the air. My mom informed me that something was wrong with my dog so I made my way home.

Zukie got into my garbage and ate marijuana ash. She was wicked lit. All is well and I ended up staying home all day and evening. Things were never the same between EJ and I after this little “Oasis Trip” I don’t know if it’s because it became painfully obvious how different him and I are in lifestyle ways or did I just realize that everything I thought I wanted was actually not that magical? Romantic idealistic dreams popped. EJ and I broke up on July 21 at a dinner that I genuinely thought was just dinner. He over analyzed everything and here we are. About 9 days later he wanted to try and talk it all out and make it work but I declined. I’m relieved to have time back to myself. Back to my healthy normal.

I am officially a Cotton Candy mermaid. Though, it’s just simply Mermaid now that’s I’ve IMG_2534been rocking it for a couple weeks and it’s calmed down a bit. I’m so excited to maintain this so that I can continuously try fun things with bright colors. Just have to get used to my roots growing in and suffering through getting them long enough to touch up and cover up. So far I’m going on three weeks and my roots are just now starting to become obvious. So I’m thinking at the eight week mark I’ll consider getting my roots fixed and throwing purple over it all. I’m also certain that I will change my mine six more times before that point.

I’m getting back into the art projects I started 9 weeks ago as well as starting new ones with plans for more! Though, because it’s the hottest part of the summer it’s a struggle to get anything done. I’ve collected about $60 worth of second hand glass ware to make these garden mushrooms. I plan to paint them with something translucent for a IMG_2537psychedelic effect. The other one I’m in the middle of is creating a broke up mirror mosaic on my wall. I want to doctor up a basic clear glass bong with some crystals around the base. Shouldn’t be too hard to actually do; acquiring everything will be the hardest part.

My good friend SC has started reading my first book, Supernova, and is so enthusiastic about my writing and keeps flattering me. I am always so excited and stupid about people truly wanting to read my book and being willing to talk to me about it. I’ve been meaning to be more diligent with my writing habits – especially since I’ve got so many ideas banging around in my head at this point. I need to start filtering a lot of it out and into documents.

I switched up my skin care routine; I’ve been trying quite hard over the last six months to phase my makeup and skincare routines into more natural and organic areas. The IMG_2573makeup part is a lot slower as I use was less makeup than I do skin care products. I’ve also come to find that I highly enjoy washing my face and putting on all the lovely serums. It’s something that’s for me and me alone. Something that I can escape to do for myself. Self-care. The same way that makeup has always been something I do to take care of myself and make myself feel good. Also glitter. My current favorites are Glossier and Farmacy. I plan to write up and entire post on my current rotation since skin care is such an important thing to me.

Work has been unbelievably busy. SuperZoo (The massive trade show in Las Vegas) just concluded. All of my bosses were there leaving the store in my hands which had me a IMG_2546little stressed because of the children. For the most part it all went well except for a few little hiccups. I have never been happier to have time away from work now. But I am incredibly excited for the continued grooming to start going to open houses and tradeshows this next year. I’ve been given permission to take on a huge education and product display for CBD and hemp based products for pets (and humans in turn) which has me so excited. I truly believe in the good that hemp and marijuana based products can provide people and animals and simply cannot wait to educate others on all the benefits.

July has been stressful for me. Most of it hasn’t been easy. There have been some glowing saving graces that soothe me in the night and peppered throughout the day. Hopefully I’ll be getting my shit back together this next month and falling back into healthy routines again! Turns out I wasn’t ready for a relationship of such caliber quite yet as it derailed me majorly.

Here’s to returning to normal!



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