30-Day Magickal Root Challenge

Plus Day One

What is the Thirty Day Magickal Root Challenge? It’s a month-long journey to reconnect with your magickal roots or to discover them for the first time or ever new ones! Going back to basic practices is mentioned as well. I plan to not look ahead on the calendar rather wanting to be surprised each day with what the challenge will hold.

Day One: Divination

What is my purpose this month?

I pulled out my Tarot deck and focused on what is August’s purpose? The card I ended up pulling was a card that my nail had snagged while shuffling and flipped over. I didn’t run with it because of my nail nicking it. But alas, here we are.

Page of SwordsIMG_2755

Bold Curiosity.

The Page of Swords is one of those youth’s that’s almost too smart for his own good – some whisper the word “prodigy.” Like a blur of information, he wants to know everything now. Others less insightful than him would be annoying, but he learns quickly and shares it all – logically, thoughtfully, and freshly. Though he is just beginning to find his own truth in the world, his vision is dead-on. He’s got something to say, and he’s ready to say it, full of insight and confidence.

Meaning: A mental risk taker, curiosity, strong insight, skill at uncovering what’s concealed, eager confidence, intellectual innovation, important or unexpected news.

Day Two: Grounding 

I always find myself going towards water. Any body of water. If I am not near one, I IMG_2769create my own aquatic safe space. It brings me back home and reconnects with the Earth and higher powers. Today’s bath was doctored up with THC infused coconut oil with lavender oil and lavendar buds. I scrubbed up with a complimentary sugar scrub prepping myself for another long and stressful work week!

I made the bath products about an hour prior to the bath with the intentions of soothing and relaxing tense muscles and over all body health. A mixture of dried lavender and spearmint was blended into the THC infused sugar scrub. The scent ended up being delicious and truly relaxing.

I look forward to day three and what the rest of the month holds. Hopefully I will be able to keep up with it during the work week! Time tends to escape me during those days.



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