30 Day Magickal Roots Pt. Deux

The 30 day Magickal Roots Challenge is still underway!

Day Three: Centering/Breath WorkIMG_2816

Taking a moment to myself to find my center of calm and gravity usually makes a world of difference for me. Stepping away to make a cuppa also helps me to just reset my head. I have this little hiding place at work that I will run away to if I manage to take a break and just breath for a good portion of the time. Feeling the way the air moves through my nose and mouth. Feeling the knots in my stomach relax. Centering and breath work are pivotal parts of my daily life.

IMG_2872Day Four: Intentions

My intentions for the month of August are to reconnect with my inner self and get myself back on track spiritually as well as get my eating habits under control and a workout routine back in place. Basically an entire being overhaul is happening all while I actively work to keep myself grounded.

For days five and six, I skipped sharing anything for them on social media. Day five was Energy Work and day six was shielding.

Day Seven: Yoga Pose

Pigeon Pose is my absolute favorite. Any variation of it, is right up my alley.

Day Eight: Meditation

I use prayer beads of a sort as a meditation tool. Running my fingers over each bead reciting the mantra of the session. All the way around and down the chain. The very bottom is adorned with silver roses. The magenta beads are for Persephone. The roses for flowers in spring/summer.

Here’s to keeping on keeping on!




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