There was a short period of time, three or so years to be exact, where I was incredibly diligent (read obsessive) with how I ate and my work out regimen. I also managed to lose eighty pounds in the process. There is nothing like eating healthy and working out proper. And then my life slowed down and I got a new job which in turn had me slowing down and relaxing with a lot of my habits.

The last two and a half years have been this strange up and down blur of mostly healthy to days of simply gross food binges followed by a week to two weeks burst of working out hard-core. But no true form of pattern or routine. I’ve suffered because of this. I’m also sick of this floundering pattern I’ve fallen into.

Mothership urged me to watch this *documentary that she swore would reignite my plant-based lifestyle I adhered so close to for so long. She wasn’t wrong. It lit a fire in me that immediately had me motivated to destroy my new way of life and thought processes. I want to feel better. I want to look better. I know its achievable because I’ve had it.

*If you haven’t yet watched What The Health – on Netflix even – then I highly recommend that you check it out. Well worth the time and eye-opening nature of it.

Last night was the catalyst for me. I’ve been using this herbal supplement called Moon Juice (adaptogenic blend of superherbs for certain functions; sleep, beauty, energy, aphrodisiac, mood, brain function) and have, for the most part, been quite impressed with the product and on the verge of investing in the full line. But then, at the top of the evening my stomach decided to empty itself post a nice cup of Dream Dust. It was a gross three-hour ordeal. When I’ve mixed the herbs into my drinks they haven’t smelled off-putting by any means. Pretty much what you would expect these herbs to smell like. But upon being vomited up they smelled grossly chemically. I didn’t know what to make of that.

As I continued to be sick all I could think was “This can’t possibly be healthy!”ย 

Once my stomach was empty I felt loads better. But the rest of my GI track was in for a long night as the rest of the Dream Dust made its way out. While this is marketed as natural, and clearly does deliver results, there’s something about it that didn’t agree with me in the end and I’m going to stick to fresh nutrition instead of *powder based nutrition. I suppose that’s the whole point of a plant-based diet, eh?

*Haha with the exception of the Soylent powder that I mix into my smoothies since that’s a neutral true plant-based nutritional powder that doesn’t upset my stomach.

So today begins the flush of life. Purging the ickies and getting back into the groove of what I’ve always known to be healthy. I just have to pull my head out of my ass and do it. The eating part is starting four days before the work out part kicks in mainly because I am disgusted with myself for how I have been eating and can’t stand carrying on in such a manner for even another day. But come Monday, the gym is going to be my third home after work and my house.

I’m tired of my mind, body and soul just being… off. It has everything to do with how I’m treating my body. From the food to the level of exercise. I don’t have any defined goals set quite yet. For now I just want to get control of everything in my life and set healthy and positive routines and habits before I start becoming particular about it. I have given myself the rest of 2017 for the stabilization part.

Please let the next four months be gentle on me.


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