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Brittany in the sandboxI can technically say that I was born in the 80s. In the third month of the year 1989 I came into this world. Therefore, I am an 80’s baby. But I am absolutely a product of the 90’s without a doubt. I love grunge music, glitter and cheap choker necklaces.

I spent my childhood under a desert sun and catching rain drops with my tongue. Eastern Washington was my home up until I was six when mom and I moved to the Seattle area. I got the best of both worlds. Infinite sunshine and refreshing down pours. It didn’t matter which side of the state I was living on, I thrived outside. Grass stains, skinned knees and dirty jeans were my signature.

The Pacific Northwest will always be my home. The diversity, the culture, the lifestyles and the music is wonderful. When most people think of the Pacific Northwest they think of Hipsters, Nirvana, Hippies, people who wear socks with sandals and rain ponchos, grunge, granola eating, weird, yoga-doing, tree huggers. And that’s perfect for me.

IMG_9837.JPGCats. Cats are incredibly important creatures to me. I have always lived with cats. I love everything about them: personalities, noises, expressions, actions, fur, energies. I am kind of crazy about cats. However, I have only one cat who is my soul cat and my best friend.

Leia is the weirdest, most compassionate 9-year-old Tortoiseshell. She came into my life in May of 2008. I adopted her out of Bellevue, Washington when she was about 12 weeks old from a family who deemed her as “too much.” She has been a central part of my life since that wonderful May-day.

Sometimes I dream about aliens and sometimes I write books. My mother calls me “Wordy.” I call it attention to detail. I spend a lot of my time lost in the creation of new universes. Writing is a driving force in my life. Writing is my passion. I’ve written a few books and have a few more in the works with countless ones waiting to be written.